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Dr R D Rakesh has authored the fifth book on Maithali folk culture, 'Maithili Lok Sanskriti'. This trend is indicative of the increasing importance of the Mithila region and its culture. The author being an expert of Mithila culture and art has described folklores, cultural practices and art Cheap Replica Watches of Mithila region in-depth. He has even quoted the famous culturists in many places to prove his points. Rakesh has in this book included the festivities like Bhaitika and Bibaha Panchami in Mithila region. He describes many colours, sights and sounds of the Mithila region; a montage of joys and miseries; be it the colourful festival Fagu, the folk dance of Mithila or Madanostsav, Ram Nawami or Chhath. He even tries to find the similarity between the culture of worshipping of sun god in Konark, India and sun worshipping culture in the Mithila region. Rakesh explores Sikki work (folk art of Mithila), which is considered an expression of the feelings of the folk-women of Mithila. And he closes the book in the humorous note with a story of Gonu jha, the mythical Maithila protagonist, as a desert to the readers. You are impelled to read such folklores as they give insight of the human life and its society. The name Mithila is originated from the king Mithi, writes Rakesh, who is devoted in the penning of the Mithila culture and keep it alive for the next generations. From Mithi to date, Mithila have survived its folk arts, culture and social beliefs.  But Mithila needs more exploration and more research, as it is still rustic, appealing and yet mystical. The doors with sikki art — signs and symbols printed with the mixture of bright colours — still mystify the onlookers. The writer believes that in-depth study of the Mithila region and its culture will unfold various mysteries of the folk culture and its importance. "Culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society," E B Tylor And the book 'Maithili Lok Sanskriti' fits into the E B Tylor's definition. Radha Krishna Choudhary, a famous Indian scholor, in his book 'History of Muslim rule in Tirhut', writes, "Mithila is perhaps the only region, which has been able to preserve her cultural continuity since the beginning of the Aryan civilisation. Mithila goes back to the age of the vedic literature. And Dr Rakesh is one of the devoted sons of Mithila, who is dedicated to keep the most acclaimed culture alive, in print at least.
Book: Maithali Lok Sahitya
Writer: Dr R D Rakesh Publisher:
Ekta Books Distributors Pvt Ltd
Pages: 204
Price: Rs 165.00 

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