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Vimlendu Jha is a natural leader.
Just GMT Gold Replica watch him in action. Born in Bihar state in north-eastern India, 27 year-old Vimlendu founded, and now runs the organization Swechha - We for Change Foundation. It started out as his cause-celebre a few years back as he was about to graduate from university in New Delhi. Vimlendu says he was disgusted with the pitiful condition of the river Yamuna, considered the sprawling city's lifeline.

 The Yamuna, which originates in the Himalayas and winds its way past the Taj Mahal, accounts for more than 70 percent of New Delhi's water supply. Yet it is one of the most endangered waterways in India. Vimlendu decided to do something about it. "Swechha works with young people on issues of environment and citizenship," he says. "Round the year you'll see me travel to different places outside Delhi, engage with young people...

(there will be) a lot of change-making that will happen in my story. I promise you that." This story promises to be rich in sound and pictures as well.

 Keep in mind, Vimlendu is not your average environmentalist. We challenge you to judge for yourself whether he and his organization are making a difference as Be the Change gets under way. Vimlendu lives and Cartier Santos Replica works in New Delhi.


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